onsdag, juni 16, 2010


Many things are happening in Cape Town at the moment, and I have to admit that it feels quite cool to be here now when it’s in the world’s attention! hehe:) This first week of the world cup I’ve heard the sound of the ‘vuvuzelas’ from I wake up in the morning till I go to bed..
Bafana bafana (the name of the South-African team) are playing again tonight, as Norway is not even in the cup I’ve decided to cheer for them, the south-africans are so excited and proud for hosting this big event, so it would be so nice for them to win!!

I experience A LOT!! Mainly through my internship, many of the patients are, or used to be, gang members they keep telling me stories which I find difficult to grasp! Others do also have life-stories which to me just seems so unfortunate! It’s challenging to see and hear things that are going on in this world!!

The coming days Hillsongs is arranging a conference called ‘Encounter’ which I’m going to attend:) I’m very much looking forward to it!:)
It’s winter in Cape Town now, and I can feel it! It’s cold!!! I find it strange to see boots and big winter clothes in the shops in JUNE! It’s all kind of up-side-down.. hehe:)

The cell Neslon Mandela stayed in while he was a prisoner at Robben Island


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