onsdag, juni 16, 2010


Many things are happening in Cape Town at the moment, and I have to admit that it feels quite cool to be here now when it’s in the world’s attention! hehe:) This first week of the world cup I’ve heard the sound of the ‘vuvuzelas’ from I wake up in the morning till I go to bed..
Bafana bafana (the name of the South-African team) are playing again tonight, as Norway is not even in the cup I’ve decided to cheer for them, the south-africans are so excited and proud for hosting this big event, so it would be so nice for them to win!!

I experience A LOT!! Mainly through my internship, many of the patients are, or used to be, gang members they keep telling me stories which I find difficult to grasp! Others do also have life-stories which to me just seems so unfortunate! It’s challenging to see and hear things that are going on in this world!!

The coming days Hillsongs is arranging a conference called ‘Encounter’ which I’m going to attend:) I’m very much looking forward to it!:)
It’s winter in Cape Town now, and I can feel it! It’s cold!!! I find it strange to see boots and big winter clothes in the shops in JUNE! It’s all kind of up-side-down.. hehe:)

The cell Neslon Mandela stayed in while he was a prisoner at Robben Island



In Cape Town you should not take a ‘now’ for a ‘now’...
If a South-African tells you “I’ll see you now” that actually means that he’ll see you within the next minute or so.. However if he says “I’ll see you now now” that probably mean in 30 minutes or even hours… AND to make it more complicated if someone says “I’ll see you just now” that might be in a couple of hours, in the afternoon, or even the next day…

Oh, and have I told that the car I’m driving has one key to each door.. I’m not sure whether that says something about the quality of the car or the criminality rate in Cape Town…

mandag, mai 24, 2010

Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

Some pictures from a very nice trip to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope!

We stopped along the road and suddenly our car was 'covered' by baboons,how cool is that?!

The 'point' in the bacground

AMAZING sceneries!!:)

Good hope!!

lørdag, mai 15, 2010

Table mountain!

Last weekend I went on a sailboat trip..It was so nice, and we got a splendid view over the city and table mountain!:) Nice, eh?!:)

Today one of the girls from my house and I went up Table mountain..
Before we started on our way up, we captured me in front of the car that me and two other guys are renting.. A tough 'chico'! ;) Signal Hill in the background..
Rebecca and I on the top of Table mountain! :)
Robben Island in the background, and at the 'circle' at the right in the picture is the world cup stadium in Cape Town! :)

tirsdag, mai 11, 2010

I'm still here;)

I actually promised myself to post more often while I'm down here, but looks like I've already broken that promise..

Well, there won't be any pictures as I have some problems transfering them to my laptop, but stay tuned, I'll post some as soon as possible;)

Things are going fine! I've been working at the rehabilitation centre where I have my internship for 2 weeks already! There are many challanges and many patients have stories which at times, are heart breaking to hear; but still there's a lot of smiles, motivation and courage around! We have a lot of fun, and it's great to be a part of the progress the patients experience! For example yesterday a man that got a spinal cord injury 6 months ago managed to write his name for the first time after the accident, his smile made the whole gym shine!!

My wheelchair skills are also improving, hihi! So far I've learned the basics of wheelchair ball room dancing, and I've had races.. The continuation will be interesting!:)

tirsdag, april 27, 2010

I'm in Cape Town!

I've just woken up after my second night in Cape Town...
It's a public holiday here today,so today I'm having a day off. Starting my internship tomorrow!
We're 8 people in the house where I'm staying; 6 Dutch, 1 Canadian, and me..

There's a lot of new information to 'absorb', and I'm feeling very overwhelmed!!

Yesterday I got to see a bit of the city, and it looks nice! I've seen Table mountain several times on pictures before I arrived, but still it was amazing to suddenly see it for real right in front of me! :)

onsdag, april 21, 2010


I'm in Norway... Was supposed to leave for Cape-Town on Monday 19th, but because of the ash from Iceland, my flight got cancelled. I've rebooked my ticket though, so if nothing unexpected happens I'll leave on Sunday 25th... I'm excited and nervous, looking forward, and not looking forward, but believe it's going to be great!

So while waiting for pictures from Cape-Town I post some pictures from the week my parents were in Groningen, helping me packing all my stuff to move it to Norway...

My room in the process.....

We didn't pack the whole time.... Shopping is must too ;)
...and so is biking...

..and a last good-bye lunch at bagels and beans with friends :)

Yep, yep, that was it for now... Next time: Cape Town....

God bless!

lørdag, april 03, 2010


It's getting towards an end of my stay in Groningen...
I'm DONE with my thesis, and have started to say goodbyes.. I don't like saying good bye...
On Friday I got a surprise party!! It was a PERFECT evening together with amazing people! :)
The video below is a gift I got, Rio, a very good friend, made it for me!:)
I'm feeling so blessed that not even words can explain..